Becoming a Badass

Drop a love bomb. Save your day.

I want to take a quick minute to save you from crazy people. Ever notice how people be crazy? The checkout guy at the grocery store with the attitude? Crazy. The coworker who gave you a dirty look for asking how her weekend was? Crazy. 

People will be grumpy at you for NO REASON and that’s crazy!

But let’s be real, we’ve all been there. Our own issues take over our lives and we are crabby at people sometimes for no good reason. It’s crazy! It’s human.

Recently, my friend and yoga teacher, Cameron Barker of Jackson Hole Yoga Therapy, taught me how to drop love bombs and it’s changed my life. 

When people are being snotty, crazy and what seems unreasonable, usually it means they are having a really hard time. It’s easy to think, “Forget this crazy person. I shouldn’t have to deal with this.” It’s easy to get angry in response to another person’s anger. 

It’s easy, but it won’t get you anywhere good. It will just ruin your day and leave you frustrated. Love bombs on the other hand can change the whole situation.

Dropping a love bomb means responding to someone else’s illogical anger with compassion and concern. 

If someone is rude to you for no reason, instead of being rude back, drop a love bomb. Say, “Hey, are you ok?” or “What’s going on?” or “Long day?” or “Frustrating situation, huh?” or any other response that is filled with compassion instead of anger.

A love bomb has the power to diffuse a situation and get you moving forward again. In all likelihood, the angry person will melt into a more relaxed person just because they feel understood and cared about. 

If they don’t, at least you didn’t get caught up in their anger and get to continue on with your day unfazed and peaceful. 

Try it and let me know how it goes. Drop a love bomb! 

          Peace, love and badassness,




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