Becoming a Badass

Praise for Jessica

What People Are Saying About Becoming a Badass

Working with a life coach was something I was always curious about and wasn’t really sure what to expect. Having the opportunity to be encouraged, inspired and lead into a place of clarity was so beneficial at this time in my life. Jessica has a brilliant way of leading you to your own conclusions, and opening you up to the wisdom you’ve had all along. As a result, I’ve gone from no clear goal in mind, to getting closer to my dreams one day at a time. I’m so grateful for Jessica and her realistic, ‘call it like it is’ attitude that inspires me to truly embody being a badass at life! Sarah Morrissette

I’ve been waiting tables for a long time, waiting for my dream job to fall into my lap. At 31, it still hadn’t and I was feeling stressed about my future so I sought Jessica’s services a few months ago. I was kind of skeptical about he process but I also knew I really needed and wanted a change. She asked me the hard questions that I had been putting off until “tomorrow” and held me accountable. After only 3 one-hour meetings I had a clear direction for a new career. Jessica helped me define what was most important for me personally in a job. As she said, “You’ve got the answers, I’m just asking the questions!” Now I’m taking classes to become a badass nurse! Thank you Jessica! – Danielle Fredendall

Jess helped me clearly see what it is I truly want out of my life’s work and to pinpoint my core values in the workplace.  Her vision made my goals seem attainable.  I appreciate the valuable sounding board she provided for me as well as her optimistic outlook.  I am very appreciative of her help and cannot wait to share the news of my future endeavors with her! — Nicole Murphy

I recommend Jessica to all my friends! — Mandie Jenson

Jessica Zelenko is an inspiration; always upbeat, positive, active and progressive. She sets her sights high, that is, her goals are far-reaching and require precise handling. But her daily life, at least to an outside observer, is of someone attuned to the beauty around her now, in this season, on this day. She uses the opportunities at hand, from ski mountaineering to building her community online, as steps toward these further endeavors. I believe she can teach us to use the beautiful world that we see everyday to become the satisfied, successful people that we know ourselves to be. –Don Gallogly


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